Warm Bistro Salad with Feta



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I go through phases feeling like I need to eat more salads and veggies. If they aren’t very interesting or flavorful—which requires effort!—I’m often just not that into it. And, especially when I’m making a big main dish, there’s sometimes no effort left to do something exciting with lettuce or a vegetable on the side.

So, that’s why I’m sharing this new super tasty salad recipe that is hearty enough to be served for dinner. Put all your energy into this one dish and you don’t have to worry about making a separate veggie side to go with it! The perfect mid-week pick-me-up that can even be modified for any vegetarians in the house.

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Warm Bistro Salad with Feta

This salad is anything but boring. Make this hearty, flavorful salad as a main dish and you won’t need to worry about cooking any side dishes.


Warm Bistro Salad with Feta Feature

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