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Tupelo Doughnuts | Facebook | T: @tupelodoughnuts | IG: @ohohtupelo
2680 Billingsley Rd. (map it!)
Columbus, OH 43235
(614) 226-2417

Open Fri & Sat, 6-10a; Sun, 6-11a

I’ve been digging Tupelo Doughnuts since they first started appearing about three years ago. They offer an interesting mix of classic donut styles with creative flavors. Initially they delivered from a German Village storefront, then were planning a Clintonville shop. While that fell through, their truck has been a consistent presence on weekends outside Beechwold Bicycles in the neighborhood, and over the past year-ish they’ve also sold donuts out of their production kitchen close to Dublin, on Billingsley off Sawmill Road.

We’ve checked them out regularly over the years, but their move into a new facility on Billingsley prompted me to finally pay them a visit.

The building is fairly non-descript, and while the entryway is…

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