The First Copies of My Meal Planner! (+ a preorder bonus!)



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The first copies of my Meal Planner arrived last week, and I’m so excited to share how it turned out!! (Spoiler Alert: So much cuter than I was even expecting! Yay!). After over a year of hard work making the concept of this workbook become a reality, it is VERY exciting to finally see it in real life. It’ll hit store shelves on December 29th (see below how to give one as a holiday gift)!

I really think this book is going to make you into the fabulous little organized Meal Planner you’ve always wanted to be! I literally started using mine the very next day after I got it (and I took a video of the book in action below)!

My Meal Planning Process (that I share in the book)

I wasted no time at all using my new Meal Planner, and here’s a little video to show you how it works…

In my new workbook you not only get a year’s worth of blank weekly templates and laminated menu…

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