Thai Cucumber Salad – Crunchy Creamy Sweet



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This Thai Cucumber Salad is crunchy, refreshing and quick to make, with just a few ingredients. The tangy and spicy dressing adds a burst of flavor!

This salad is perfect served with chicken satay or Thai peanut noodles.

If you are a big fan of Asian dinners, you will love this Thai Cucumber Salad. It’s a refreshingly cool side dish with a kick, thanks to the pepper flakes in the dressing yet it pairs perfectly with spicy meals. It’s done in just 10 minutes, with only a handful of ingredients. Perfect last-minute salad idea!


  • English cucumber: you can use Persian cucumbers too
  • red onion: if you find red onion too strong, use sweet onion
  • green onion: optional
  • rice vinegar: you can use white vinegar instead; apple cider vinegar may be too strong
  • sesame oil: highly recommended
  • white sugar
  • red pepper flakes
  • sesame seeds
  • roasted peanuts or cashews

How to make Thai…

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