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This is a guest post by Pamela Salzman, author of Kitchen Matters and Quicker than Quick, and the creator and cooking class instructor of her blog, Pamela Salzman Kitchen Matters & Recipes.

I am delighted to be guest posting again for Lisa since I know her readers are as passionate about real food as I am!

My full-time job is teaching cooking classes, both in-person and online. The focus of my recipes and techniques is on whole, minimally processed, mostly plant-based food. I strive to keep the ingredients as clean as possible, while still packing in lots of flavor and appealing to families.

A few years ago, I noticed my students were asking me more and more for “quick” recipes. Not just recipes that were quick to cook, but quick to prep as well, and that could be made at the last minute (for e.g. no marinating, no overnight soaking, etc.). Challenge accepted!

My second book,

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