Peruvian Stir Fry (Lomo Saltado)



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I’m always a fan of super easy one-dish dinners, and this Peruvian Stir Fry recipe is a new favorite at our house. It all started when my 15-year-old daughter came home from Spanish class (you know, back when in-person school was a thing) and said that each student had to make an authentic dish to share with the class. Really hard to imagine something like that happening now … oh, how I miss normal life!

Anyway, she spent a great deal of time making and remaking a Peruvian classic, Lomo Saltado; she had me buy the steaks and everything just to (at the last minute) decide she was going to make a dessert instead. Raise your hand if you love your teen, LOL.

In the end, the dessert was probably a better idea when it came to transporting it and offering something everyone in the class would surely like. But, we liked her Lomo Saltado so much that I decided to make it a few more…

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